US Russian Sanctions are the Epitome of Hypocrisy

Nuclear War Mask Russia Salisbury

The imposition of US sanctions on Russia over its’ alleged use of a nerve agent to poison a Russian spy and his daughter are one of the West’s most blatant acts of hypocrisy in recent history.

First off, no credible evidence had been released before the announcement of sanctions that firmly established that Russia poisoned Sergei Skripal and his daughter. There have been no arrests so far, no testimonies, no explanation as to how Novichok was smuggled into the UK and no rationale as to what Russia would gain by poisoning a spy whom they had set free. The use of Novichok does not mean Putin is responsible for the poisoning incident any more than he would be if an AK-47 were used to gun down an Iraqi.

Like a colony, the United States just ‘accepted’ the British theory and didn’t ask for any evidence as it signed sanctions that Russia called an act of ‘economic war’.

The West came together to expel over 100 diplomats for alleged poisoning of a spy. Where were these pious nations when Europeans and the United States attempted dozens of times to assassinate Fidel Castro? What penalties did Belgium and the US face for murdering Patrice Lumumba?

Skripal was a traitor to Russians but the West interpreted his treason as one committed for a noble cause. Julian Assange took a much bigger risk in the name of transparency and accountability that the Western world order claims to adhere to but he cannot leave the Ecuadoran embassy because he committed ‘treason‘ against the wrong people regardless of the nobility of his intentions.

Where Skripal, a Russian national, was allowed free movement, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange have to live as refugees even though the powers they confronted have caused more deaths and destruction abroad than Russia.

But even ignoring the moral double standards at play here, let’s look at the specifics that the State Department offered when imposing the sanctions. The State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert released a statement in which they cited ‘Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991’.

state dept.png

Under the CWB Act, the President has the authority to impose sanctions on foreign persons if they acquired, used, or stockpiled chemical or biological weapons.

The US claims that Russia violated the CWB Act by injecting a former spy and his daughter. So even if we accept the British assessment for the sake of the argument, Russia ‘tried’ to poison 2 Russians. None of them died and both have recovered from the incident. Therefore, the sanctions have not been imposed because of a successful use of a nerve agent but rather for a botched attempt.

So while Britain decries the use of nerve agents on her own soil, it had no problem developing and using Agent Orange based herbicides in Malaysia. The damage inflicted upon the Malaysian communists was much more severe than the Skripal family. Britain did very little to make things right even after studies showed the devastating impact it had on the local population.

The US instead of sanctioning its’ previous master and current ally, used the ‘precedent’ to deploy dioxin-based Agent Orange in Vietnam. Britain repaying the favor did not sanction the US or even demand a formal apology. American officials claim that ‘more research’ is needed to firmly establish that American actions in Vietnam led to the health problems now so prevalent in the Southern region.

Their call for ‘more research’ to prove a known fact is in stark contrast with their willingness to accept the British government’s verdict on Skripal poisoning without evidence.

To add insult to injury, US troops responsible for committing international and war crimes in Vietnam were compensated by the US government for having witnessed the aftermath of their own atrocities while the Vietnamese victims received no substantial assistance or an apology. Poor Judas!

While Meghan McCain wept on The View discussing her father’s ongoing cancer treatment, she has never shed a tear for the victims of the wars that John McCain himself pushed for. Even as the Trump administration tries to pursue better relations with Russia and save the human race from extinction, John McCain with a bit of tumor still attached to his brain worked up enough strength to call Trump out on warming ties with Russia.

Where murder and devastation of millions of victims of American and British aggression have gone unpunished, attempted poisoning of 2 Russians has caused a global hysteria. The US and the UK adhere to international laws only when it is beneficial to their interests. The instances when the two imperial powers have undermined the international law are too numerous to enlist in a single post.


UpdateOn September 5th, 2018, the British government announced that they have enough evidence to charge 2 Russian nationals for the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter. We will post relevant updates as the court reaches a verdict.

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