Accusations against Kavanaugh Don’t Matter

Kavanaugh Supreme Court nominee Christine Ford

I am available to speak should you wish to discuss.”

Those were the words with which Christine Blasey Ford ended her letter to Dianne Feinstein. After receiving an offer to appear before a Senate Committee, she now insists that ‘rushing’ to a hearing is ‘unnecessary’.

Her lawyer said that she wants to testify before a Senate committee, just not anytime soon. The contrast between her keenness to publicize her accusations and her reluctance to speak to a committee, support the claims that she just wants to delay the confirmation vote.

Prof Ford wants a non-partisan committee to investigate her claims before she speaks to a Senate committee. The only problem is she has to provide something to substantiate her claims before an investigation could even begin.

Sexual assaults are a traumatic experience but it allegedly happened 36 years ago. If Prof Ford couldn’t get over it during that period, what good will another few weeks do?

Prof Ford said that ‘she felt compelled’ to speak up, what better platform to speak on than the Senate floor? Why would she need more time? If the public response overwhelmed her, she has the option to testify privately.

Although her conduct has been peculiar, it is not an indictment of hers. Democrats are using Prof Ford as a tool to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote.

How can Christine Ford Impact the Midterm Elections?

First, Dianne Feinstein sits on the letter for weeks then refers the matter to authorities knowing damn well that looking into such a matter such is beyond their role.

If the Senate delays the confirmation vote until after the midterms, Democrats could make abortion a campaign issue. They could rile up their base on grounds that a conservative court would repeal Roe v. Wade.

During an election season, abortion is to Democrats what 9/11 is to Republicans. When you don’t have any strong argument, invoke one or the other.

A good economy, defeated ISIS, and successful talks with North Korea, leave Democrats with little to campaign on except that Trump is sometimes a meanie. Since GOP controls the Senate by only two seats, Democrats can easily regain control.

But there is another possibility. One of the chief reasons why conservatives voted for Trump was the Supreme Court. Knowing the next court appointees could serve for decades, many held their noses and cast the ballot for Trump.

Going into the midterms with Kavanaugh’s confirmation in limbo could bring out more of Republican voters. Thus, the Democratic strategy to delay the vote on Kavanaugh could backfire and ensure GOP majority in the Senate.

FBI can’t investigate accusations against Kavanaugh

Both Senator Feinstein and Prof Ford want the FBI to investigate the matter. It is not up to the FBI to assess a Supreme Court nominee. Even if somehow the FBI found Bret Kavanaugh guilty of a sexual assault, it wouldn’t be a disqualifying factor.

The FBI could share their findings but the final decision rests with the Senate.

Besides, Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women and still won the election. All of a sudden we are prudish about what Kavanaugh did in High School?

Justice Antonin Scalia said that Congress ought to be the judge of people’s morality, not the Supreme Court. As an elected body, he wanted Congress to rule on moral issues like abortion and gay rights rather than the courts.

The outcome of an election is a good measure of people’s morality. If they voted for a serial sexual assaulter, maybe they don’t care what a Supreme Court nominee did at a High School party?

In an ideal world, they ought to care. But that is not the world we live in. Democrats are using Prof Ford to further their campaigns while GOP condones sexual assaulters as long as it benefits them politically.

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