The Fraud of the Anti-BDS Zionist Movement

Citing his support for the BDS movement, a University of Michigan professor refused to sign a recommendation letter for a student to study in Israel.

Like any critic of Israel, he is facing charges of anti-Semitism. Quoting a recent anti-BDS legislation passed in Michigan, many are calling for his firing.

A Zionist organization shared the screenshot of the Professor’s email on Facebook. The photo caption overflew with Hasbara.

John Cheney-Lippold
Club Z post on Facebook about the email from John Cheney-Lippold.

They called his response ‘unbelievable’ and called on the US Department of Education to take notice because the Professor held Israel to a double standard.

Their argument basically says; yes, Israel is evil but so are other states. So with that premise, you can’t speak out against Israel if you ignore the atrocities by other states.

On the surface, it sounds fair. Why would you target your ire on just one nation when many others are guilty of similar crimes?

But Zionists are unfair people. While focusing on the left’s alleged double standard on Israel, they ignore the double standard that the US government uses for Israel.

No other state receives as much military aid as Israel. No other state is the sheltered internationally to such an extent with US support (though the South African apartheid comes close). No other state has the freedom to openly meddle in US elections through a Super Pac. US Presidential hopefuls pledge loyalty to no other state than that of Israel.

Israel even got away with attacking a US Navy ship USS Liberty in 1967. They knew that it was a US ship and later lied about it. The only other state to beat the rap was Iraq under Saddam Hussein back when the US was inviting Iraqi scientists over to share knowledge on nuclear weapons.

No law bars these double standards for Israel.

Christian Zionists accuse the left of ignoring Iranian, Russian, and Chinese atrocities but when have they ever started divestment movements against them?

The fact that they haven’t begun a BDS movement against any of those states proves that they only bring up crimes of other states to cover up Israeli crimes.

But their charge that the left ignores non-Israeli crimes is also a blatant lie.

When Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman visited the UK and the US, it wasn’t conservatives or Zionists who protested against him. Leftists on both sides of the pond held up signs that called him a butcher of Yemen and war criminal as his motorcade passed.

Zionists look the other way as Syria’s Bashar-al-Assad slaughters his people. It is the leftists who speak out against him and lend a helping hand to the millions fleeing war zones.

The sheer longevity of these underhanded tactics to shelter Israel from criticism is no proof of their validity.

Israeli politician, Abba Eban, proposed these tactics in a 1973 Op-Ed. He told Zionists to label any criticism of Israel from a non-Jew (gentile) as anti-Semitic.

The British Zionists are using this tactic to malign Jeremy Corbyn. Since he talks of rights of the Palestinian people instead of pledging unequivocal support for Israel, he is an anti-Semite. There is no other aspect of Corbyn’s policies that receives as much media focus as his support for Palestine.

Why should a politician’s stance on Israel matter so much in a British election?

With Brexit in tatters, haven’t the media more vital issues to cover?

Donald Trump and Nigel Farage can vilify Muslims, Poles, and Mexicans all they want but God forbid someone criticize Israel’s state policies.

The media even forced the Labor Party to adopt an internationally recognized definition of anti-Semitism while it ignores the international consensus on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians every day.

In the same 1973 Op-Ed, Abba Eban suggested a remedy to deal with Jewish critics of Israel. Here he tasked Zionists with calling them neurotic citing Noam Chomsky and I.F. Stone as examples.

In both instances, he shunned from suggesting that Zionists keep an open mind and initiate debates on important issues so Israel doesn’t deviate from Judaic principles. It shows that Abba’s only concern here was to shelter Israel from criticism for crimes he knew it would commit in decades to come.

There is real anti-Semitism on the right but since rightists don’t criticize Israel, their anti-Semitism is swept under the rug. While huge resources are spent to equate left’s legitimate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. It proves that the concern of Zionists is not anti-Semitism but criticism of Israel.

Masha Merkulova of Club Z said, “those truly interested in promoting peace in the region should work to build bridges“. It is unclear however whether the bridges she wants to build lead anywhere beyond the illegal Israeli settlements.


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