3 Reasons Democrats Secretly Want Trump to Fire Rosenstein

Rod Rosenstein Deputy Attorney General

Donald Trump has made no secret of his regret over choosing Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General. Trump believes that Sessions’ recusal gave Mueller the chance to exceed the scope of his investigation. Rosenstein did little to contain him.

Mueller’s prosecutors, who had to establish collusion, found themselves working out the costs of clothes Paul Manafort had in his wardrobe.

While Trump’s critics interpret his wish to have a loyalist serving at the DoJ as corrupt, they nevertheless hold Jack Kennedy in the highest regard that had his brother serving as his Attorney General. No conflict of interests there.

Anyone who insists that the Russia investigation focus just on the collusion is labeled a ‘Russian stooge’.

Trump wanted a reshuffle of personnel at the DoJ but couldn’t because his base liked DoJ’s strong stance against crime. That could change after the NYTimes report of last week.

An unnamed source told the NYTimes that Rosenstein suggested secretly recording Trump after he fired Comey. It shows that Rosenstein was pensive and thus appointed the special counsel.

As if that were not enough, the unnamed source also told the NYTimes that Rosenstein discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to oust Trump.

NYTimes stands by their report while Rosenstein refutes the source’s version of events.

Amid the NYTimes’ report, Democrats rushed to protect Rosenstein. They called on Trump to not even think about firing Rosenstein or asking for his resignation.

From Trump’s critics to Democratic lawmakers, all have publicly opposed any attempts to oust Rosenstein. But there are reasons why secretly Democrats want Rosenstein gone.


No Evidence of Russian Collusion

The Mueller investigation is into its’ 16th month. Dozens of leaks later, we still have no proof of any collusion. There is not even evidence of Russian interference in 2016 elections, just the intelligence agencies’ word. Mind you, the same agencies who knew ‘exactly’ where Iraq’s WMD were.

If Trump fires Rosenstein, he would bring in someone who would realign the focus of Mueller’s investigation on the collusion. Then if no collusion shows up in the Mueller report, Dems could save face by claiming that had Trump not impeded the inquiry, more evidence would have turned up.

Though a weak argument, it might just pass as a talking point on CNN and MSNBC.


Boost the Democratic Midterm Campaigns

Rosenstein’s firing would mobilize the independents who might have preferred sitting the midterms out. Since his firing would cause a great stir so close to the elections, it would tilt the toss-up races in Dems’ favor.

Dems might push for impeachment before the midterms, which Republicans would undoubtedly oppose. Dems would then use the GOP’s refusal to hold the President accountable as a campaign issue.

They would argue that a Republican House and Senate have given the President a free pass. For this reasons, Dems got to win them back to ‘save the Republic’.

Funding for grassroots campaigns such as that of Beto O’Rourke would increase and attract more volunteers thus increasing their outreach.


Delay the Kavanaugh’s Appointment

The protests, tweets, phone calls, letters, campaigns, media coverage would overwhelm Washington. At that point, Republicans wouldn’t have the space to proceed with the vote on Bret Kavanaugh.

Dems might argue that a lawless President shouldn’t appoint a justice who might have to adjudge his Presidency. And with accusations of sexual assaults coming in, they would have to delay the vote to after the midterm elections.

It will be a huge victory for the Dems. Not only will they have delayed Kavanaugh’s appointment, but they could also use the abortion issue to rile up their base to block an appointment of a conservative justice.

If Dems win the majority in the Senate, Trump will not be able to appoint a justice without Dems’ support.

Even though Trump has said that he would prefer to keep Rosenstein on, it will come as a shock if Rosenstein still has a job at the end of his meeting with Trump.

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