Anderson Cooper Asks a Stupid Question About Progressive Candidates

Although I have a high tolerance for BS, I cannot watch CNN for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Yesterday Anderson Cooper had Bernie Sanders on, who is one of the very few politicians in touch with the common people.

Anderson was asking Bernie how he viewed the midterm elections. Bernie said that by giving Congress back to the Democrats, the American people had asked them to oversee the executive.

Anderson Cooper followed that up with a political question asking whether oversight could also mean impeachment. Even in the absence of proof of any crime, CNN had made impeachment an issue for the midterms. Bernie was quick to strike it down. He clarified that oversight meant letting the Russia investigation continue unimpeded.

As politically charged and out of place that question was, the one that followed was even more so.

Anderson Cooper then brought up the losses of Beto O’Rourke and Andrew Gillum to insinuate that Hillary’s Democratic Party was what Americans wanted. That somehow Beto’s and Gillum’s losses showed that Americans had rejected the Progressive stances. Bernie in his response was polite as usual. He said that it was that thinking that had cost Democrats over a thousand seats in State Houses.

Anderson Cooper’s question implied that not winning seats in Republican strongholds showed that Progressives were not in the mainstream. That they were the radical left.

Interestingly, Anderson Cooper did not mention Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Mentioning Cortez’s win against the Republicans and an incumbent establishment Democrat in the primary would have undermined Cooper’s argument. So he did not mention her at all.

Rather he only cited losses of Progressive candidates in two Republican strongholds.

Beto O’Rourke lost a Senate race in Texas. The last time there was a Democratic Senator from Texas was back in 1993. For the last 25 years, no Democrat has won a Senate seat in Texas. The odds were always against Beto O’Rourke.

Democrats in Texas usually lose by 20 percentage points, Beto O’Rourke lost by just 3. That figure alone shows that he won over Texan Republicans and Independents. Despite losing by such a small margin in a Republican stronghold, Anderson Cooper construed his loss as a rejection of everything Progressives stand for.

Even though he lost, we haven’t seen the last of Beto. He was able to raise $70 Million without PACs and Democrats hold dear whoever can bring in the dough.

Now on to Andrew Gillum. Like O’Rourke, he too was running against odds. Florida hasn’t had a Democratic Governor for 20 years. Of the last seven Gubernatorial elections, Democrats won only two.

On top of the incumbency advantage, Republican candidate Ron DeSantis had the endorsement of the President. Despite all that, Gillum lost by only 0.7% compared to Charlie Crist’s defeat by 1% in the 2014 election.

I know 0.3% isn’t that big a difference but that is irrelevant in the context of Cooper’s question. He implied that Americans wanted moderate Democrats even though the election margins favor the Progressives.

As per the polls, the public is to the left of both Congress and the Senate. Majority of the Americans support Medicare for all and $15 an hour minimum wage. Yet both parties are reluctant to run on those issues.

President Obama only wanted to raise the minimum wage to $15 when he was a lame duck. He knew it wouldn’t pass but he didn’t care. His only aim was to make the Republicans look bad. Early in his first term when Democrats controlled everything, he didn’t raise the minimum wage even though he bailed out private banks and corporations.

Bernie Sanders even prior to his Presidential run supported a nationwide $15 minimum wage. Hillary Clinton was reluctant to do so.

Anderson Cooper has a distinguished career as a journalist. His reporting on the Afghan war was some of the best we saw. But he too toes the line to please his corporate bosses. It’s not just him, this is how the majority of the US media function.

They are generally accurate in their reporting. The way they push a certain narrative is through selective leaks and concealing relevant information from their reports. They ask irrelevant questions and make ridiculous comparisons.

Both O’Rourke and Gillum defeated primary Democratic opponents. Those victories show the direction the people want the Democratic party to go. So either the Democratic party can listen to the people or ignore them as they did in the 2016 primaries.


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