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Thank you for your interest in contributing to Media Prober. We are keen to build a network of socially and politically conscious writers, who can highlight issues and present a perspective missing from the mainstream press.

Please send your Op-Eds to us at

However, there are requirements to which we subject all our submissions prior to publishing them. We update these requirements from time to time so make sure you go over the following steps prior to sending us an op-ed.

Your submissions should be exclusive. We don’t accept Op-Eds if they have appeared or been published elsewhere. Most other publications also require exclusivity so as a general practice, it is better to send an Op-Ed to one publication at a time.

Substantiate the claims you make. If you are citing figures and statistics or leaked government information, we will need to examine the source. If for whatever reason, we decide not to print privileged information, we will not expose your or your sources’ identity or the information you possess.

Disclose your affiliations. If you are affiliated with a political party, armed forces, civil service, or a politically active organization including PACs, grassroots organizations, and non-profits, you must disclose it to us. In certain cases to ensure transparency, we might publish it below your Op-Ed with your approval.

Guidelines for anonymous pieces. For writers in countries that are dangerous for activists and have poor human rights records, we might waive the requirement to publish the name of authors online. In other cases where there might be a danger to the writers or their sources’ security, we will publish anonymous Op-Eds but the identity of writers has to be known to us.

Important financial disclosures. If anything in your Op-Ed stands to benefit you financially, you must disclose it to us. One example would be presenting a case for high oil prices when you have holdings in companies that stock oil barrels.

Sending us a signed disclosure agreement. You must sign and send us back via email or post a disclosure agreement with at least one form of government ID. We might waive ID requirements if you a refugee or in a country illegally.

Length of submitted Op-Eds. There are no requirements as to the length of your submission but as a general rule, it should at least be 500 words if you are going to say anything useful.

Editing grammatical and structural flaws in your submissions. We have the right to edit your submissions to better present information and express it clearly. In all case, we will send you the edited version before publishing it. Never will we publish your submissions without your approval.

This is what we generally need to publish a submission but we treat each submission on case-to-case basis meaning there might be other requirements not listed above that would apply to you.

We try to respond to all submissions. If you have not heard from us within 3 days, assume that we will not publish your submission and feel free to send it to other publications.

For letters to Media Prober, you should post them as comments. As long as they do not include spammy links or vulgarity, we will approve them within a few hours. If you were named in one of our posts and would like to respond to a charge or an insinuation, we might accept them as Op-Eds.

If you have any questions or comments, reach out to us via our contact page.